How to use Airstream Smart Control features with the interior control panel

by Airstream, Inc.

Learn all about the Smart Control Technology functions with a step-by-step guide. Featured with the Airstream Classic, Smart Control Technology gives owners the ability to control and maintain some of the most important aspects of the travel trailer. 


Learn about: 

  • Smart Control modes (On Board, Sleep, Cinema, and Away)
  • Understanding tank levels (fresh water, grey water, waste water, LP tanks
  • How to turn the power inverter on or off
  • How to turn the tank heater pads on and off
  • How to turn the water pump on and off
  • How to turn on the interior and exterior lighting
  • How to manage the day and night shades (33FB only)
  • How to mange the internal climate with the front and rear A/C units
  • Control ceiling fans
  • Control and monitor independent components
  • Monitor battery levels
  • Open and close the powered awning
  • Monitor TPMS (tire pressure monitor sensors) for all fours tires (plus the spare tire)
  • Understanding the system alarms


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