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Basecamp How-To Guide

  • Tank Heater and Drain Valves

    Watch the video to learn how to drain the fresh water tank on the Airstream Basecamp. 12-volt heat pads a...

    Airstream, Inc.
  • Understanding the Propane Gas Detector

    Learn about the Airstream Basecamp propane gas detector and how to keep safe. If there is ever a propane l...

    Airstream, Inc.
  • Solar Plug and Battery Location

    Learn about the Airstream Basecamp exterior electric outlet, exterior solar panel input port, and location...

    Airstream, Inc.
  • Tire Pressure, Torque, and Spare

    Learn how to access the spare tire on the Airstream Basecamp along with important information such as tire...

    Airstream, Inc.
  • Shore Power Inlet and Truma Exhaust

    The Airstream Basecamp comes equipped with a 30-amp power cord. The cord has a red power indicator light t...

    Airstream, Inc.
  • Main Entry Door, Screen, and Steps

    The Airstream Basecamp has a main door lock and a deadbolt lock. It is recommended that both locks are sec...

    Airstream, Inc.
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