Wood Flooring and Transition to Composite Flooring on Traditional Travel Trailers

by Airstream, Inc.

Wood flooring is an RV industry standard and has served Airstream for nearly 90 years – as well as the home building industry where it’s been used even longer. Up until Airstream moved towable production into the new manufacturing facility, all traditional travel trailers featured ⅝-inch tongue and groove wood floor. The wood was exposure grade 1 plywood with water boiled proof (WBP) type glue and a 3/16” layer of Flexfoil™ was added for extra insulation directly beneath the wood. To further protect the structure from the outdoor elements, the flooring perimeter was thoroughly coated with an anti-wicking agent which met our rigorous quality standards and was also a vast improvement from previous versions of the wood flooring that Airstream offered.

After thoroughly exploring the options, Airstream officially made the transition away from wood and has shifted into installing seamless composite flooring. This innovative and industry-leading flooring material is now a standard feature on all traditional Airstream travel trailers which includes Bambi, Caravel, Flying Cloud, International, Globetrotter, and Classic.

Due to the unique design elements of the Basecamp travel trailer and motorized touring coaches, these products will retain their existing flooring options which meet our high standards for product quality and longevity.


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