Leveling and Stabilizing a Travel Trailer

by Airstream, Inc.

Learn how to level your Airstream side-to-side and back-to-front, plus how to operate the trailer’s stabilizer jacks.

After identifying your parking spot, place your Airstream travel trailer about a foot and a half from where you want it to end up. Take a level and determine whether you need to elevate the right side or the left side. Ideally, you will own and use a carpenter’s level (for most accurate readings). Most smartphones include a leveling app that is built into the "Measure" app (comes standard with iPhone) that make it a breeze and saves you precious cargo space.

Next, place RV leveling boards or blocks behind the wheels of the side you want to raise. You could bend the tires’ steel belts if your tires don’t rest perfectly flat on them, which can cause a blowout on the road later.

Note: If you use wood blocks, ensure they are sturdy enough to handle the weight of your Airstream trailer and that they are wider than your tires.

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After your blocks are in place, slowly back your Airstream travel trailer up onto them. Once it is situated, use your level to make sure you raised the side enough (but not too much). When you first start embarking on Airstream adventures, it’ll probably take a few times of adding or removing blocks and attempting again. But the more vacations you take, the better at this process you will get!


Leveling an Airstream

Using a powered hitch jack.

Using a manual hitch jack.



Airstream Stabilizer Jacks

Always remember, you should not be leveling your travel trailer with the stabilizer jacks. Stabilizers should only be lowered enough to make contact with the ground and tightened to be snug. Be sure to not use the stabilizer jacks to level the travel trailer as they're not for weight bearing, only to take the bounce of your step while inside.

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