Understanding the Water Pump

by Airstream, Inc.

Basecamp Water Pump

The Basecamp water pump switch (monitor panel mounted, see Appliances in this section) operates the pump. Once the switch is turned on, the pump will run until the water pressure reaches about 55 PSI. At this point, an internal pressure switch will shut it off. When a faucet is opened, the water pressure will drop and the pump will start to run again.

As a general rule, the water pump should be turned off while using a city water hookup, however the water pressure at some campgrounds may be low. The water pump can be turned on to assist the city water hookup pressure. Be sure there is some water in the fresh water tank. The pump will only use the water that is needed out of the tank to bring the pressure up to the usual standard of 55 PSI.

Access to the water pump will be necessary for periodic cleaning of the strainer screen. Refer to Section 8 - Maintenance for water pump access and strainer screen removal.

NOTE: Turn off the water pump while traveling to prevent water from being pumped in the event a faucet opens in transit.


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