Leveling a travel trailer and using the stabilizer jacks

by Airstream, Inc.

Making a long trip in your Airstream is not very different from making a weekend excursion. Since everything you need is right at hand, you are at home wherever you go. When packing for an extended trip, take everything you need, but only what you need.

When you plan to stay in the same place for several days, weeks, or months, you will want your trailer to be as level and steady as possible. Check the attitude with a small spirit level set on the inside work counter or the trailer hitch A-frame. If a correction is necessary, you must level from side-to-side first. This can be done easily by backing the trailer up onto one or more 2 x 6 boards. We do not recommend placing tires in a hole for leveling.


Block or chock the wheels to keep the trailer from rolling. Level from front to rear by disconnecting the hitch from the tow vehicle, and adjusting the jack up or down until you are level. Use stabilizing jacks at the two rear corners, as shown in the diagram, to eliminate the natural spring action of the axles.


Stabilizing Jacks

The stabilizing jacks are located at the rear corners of the trailer. Use the manual handle to hand crank the jacks into position. Stabilizers should only be lowered enough to make contact with the ground and tightened to be snug. Be sure to not use the stabilizer jacks to level the travel trailer as they're not for weight bearing, only to take the bounce of your step while inside. Stabilizer jack handle can be stored under the curbside dinette seat.


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