Inside the Wet Bath

by Airstream, Inc.

Learn about the Airstream Basecamp 16 wet bath (combination shower/bathroom).

On the inside of the wet bath door, there are two locks located in each corner.

Airstream Basecamp Wet Bath Door Lock

Pass the shower head to the outside of the Basecamp through the exterior slot to wash off and keep your equipment clean.

Airstream Basecamp Shower Head Outdoor Slot

Air dry your wet clothing with the built in clothesline accessory. Pull the clothesline wire out..

Airstream Basecamp Wet Bath Clothesline

..and connect it to the latch on the other side.

Airstream Basecamp Wet Bath Clothesline Latch

Conveniently flush the wet bath toilet with your foot.

Airstream Basecamp Wet Bath Toilet Flush


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