Setting up the Table

by Airstream, Inc.

Learn how to set up the table in the Airstream Basecamp.

Lift the lid on the seat and find the table leg in the convenient storage bin. Remove one of the two longer legs from the clamps.

Airstream Basecamp Table Leg Storage

Line up the threads on the bottom of the leg with the threads on the floor socket and twist in a clockwise direction.

Airstream Basecamp Table Leg Mount

The leg is fully tightened when you can hear a clicking sound when turning.

Airstream Basecamp Table Leg Mount

Remove one of the tabletops from the elastic storage bands on the side of the seating.

Airstream Basecamp Tabletop storage

Set the tabletop directly on top of the table leg to connect the two parts.

Airstream Basecamp Tabletop Mount

Once, the tabletop has been set on the leg, push in the bottom black pin to allow the tabletop to slide down and fasten into place. To release, press the same bottom button.

Airstream Basecamp Table


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