Converting the Dinette to a Bed

by Airstream, Inc.

Watch how to convert the Airstream Basecamp table to a bed. Seamlessly transform your sitting space to comfortable sleeping space in a matter of minutes.

Remove the tabletops from the table legs by pressing the bottom button and lifting on the tabletop.

Airstream Basecamp remove tabletop

Push in on the release button and unscrew the table legs.

Airstream Basecamp Remove Table Legs

Lift up on the storage compartment and place the taller table legs back in their mounts and remove the two shorter legs. 

Airstream Basecamp Remove Bed Legs from Storage

Line up the shorter bed legs with the floor sockets and tighten until it clicks and is snug.

Airstream Basecamp Insert Bed Legs Into Floor Sockets

Install the tabletops on both of the short bed legs.

Airstream Basecamp Place Tabletop for Bed

Unzip the over-head storage and remove the other two supports for the bed. 

Airstream Basecamp Bed Supports

Place the additional supports in the notches at the rear of the bed near the door. 

Airstream Basecamp Placing Bed Supports

Slide the cushions out of the way to reveal a hinged support that flips out onto the tabletops and then replace the cushions to complete the process.

Airstream Basecamp Bed


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