How to de-winterize Airstream

by Airstream, Inc.

The steps to de-winterizing (dewinterization) your Airstream are basically the steps taken to winterize the RV but in reverse. Depending on the model you own and the method used to winterize, the action steps to de-winterize are going to be slightly different. If RV antifreeze was used in the tanks, it needs to be removed and flushed from the plumbing system with clean water.

You'll want to reference your Airstream Owner's Manual to find the location of each primary component (water heater, water valves, drain valves, etc.) but winterization and dewinterization is typically the same process for all models.

Follow these steps to make sure your Airstream is ready to go when you are, and you’ll be able to travel with peace of mind and ease. Access and download your own dewinterization checklist so you can check off all the boxes (please reference owners manual for model specific requirements).

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