Updates to AT&T's Data Plans

by Airstream, Inc.

AT&T decided to retire the unlimited plans, including the Unlimited Adventure Plan available for Airstream Connected and Airstream Smart devices, effective January 16, 2020.

Here are some FAQ's around the data plan updates - 

What does this mean for me? AT&T’s Unlimited Adventure Plans activated or renewed before January 16, 2020, will be valid until the one-year anniversary of their activation. Once the 12-month term ends, customers will have the opportunity to purchase currently available data plans from AT&T.

What options does the customer have?
We recommend looking at your AT&T plan details by logging into your AT&T account and determine your renewal date. If you are currently using a monthly prepaid plan on your Airstream Connected or Airstream Smart device, these changes do not affect you but you do now have more monthly plan options to choose from.

How will this influence Classic Smart Control remote functionality? 
Remote control functions and systems monitoring for Airstream Smart Control Classic customers will not be impacted by these plan changes.

If I purchase a Classic with Smart Control Technology, is there still a rebate on the first year of data? 
Yes, although it will not be the same unlimited data plan we have been able to offer up to this point. We are now offering a 12-Month 100GB Adventure Data plan, a $325 value. 

What happens if I use all of the 12-Month 100GB Adventure Data plan before a year passes? 
If you to use 100GB before the 12 month period ends, you'll need to sign up for another plan that could be the same option or another option from the monthly data plans. This plan ends with by either reaching 100GB of used data or 12 months from the start of service.

What are the different data plan options that will offered on January 16, 2020? 
There will be five different AT&T data plan options to give the most flexibility for your needs. 

  • 1 Month 5GB Adventure Plan - $25
  • 1 Month 22GB Adventure Plan - $90
  • 1 Month 50GB Adventure Plan - $175
  • 1 Month 100GB Adventure Plan - $300
  • 12-Month 100GB Adventure Plan - $325

Can I change my carrier away from AT&T for Airstream Connected and Airstream Smart hardware? 
Airstream has an exclusive partnership with AT&T to provide connectivity for Airstream Connected and Airstream Smart Control systems. However, we don't restrict customers from making their own connectivity choices in the hardware they've purchased.


If you have any additional questions about the updated AT&T Data Plan, please create a support ticket and we'll get back with you as soon as possible.


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