How do I convert my dinette into a bed in my Bambi?

by Airstream, Inc.

16RB, 19CB and 20FB Bambi models have dinettes which can be made into a bed by raising up on the front of the table and folding the table leg up against the bottom of the leaf. As the table is raised, it will unhook from the upper wall brackets. Once unhooked, the wall hinge will allow it to be pulled out and lowered on the supports of the dinette seats. The backrests of the seats are placed over the table to complete the conversion.

It is recommended to travel with the table in the lowered position.

On 22 ft. front bed models the dinette table has a telescoping pedestal leg. To lower, release the black compression clamp lever on the pedestal leg and push the table down. Once lowered, clamp the lever back to lock the leg in position. On the bottom of the table top a latch is installed and can be released to allow the table top to slide out towards the aisle. Use the dinettes backrests to cover the table top and complete the conversion.


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