What kind of things do I need to do with my trailer before traveling?

by Airstream, Inc.


1. Turn off water pump switch.

2. Check battery water level.

3. Close windows and vents.

4. Lock all interior cabinet doors.

5. Latch refrigerator door. (Seal containers first)

6. Hold down or stack securely all loose, hard, and sharp objects.

7. Fasten sliding and foldette doors.

8. Drain toilet bowl.

9. Turn off interior lights.

10. Lower wall mounted tables to be even with dinette seats. Place Pedestal tables in upright position. 

11. Pull up or retract step.

12. Lower blinds.

13. Secure and lock main door.


1. Disconnect and stow the electrical hookup cord, and the sewer (flush out) and water hookup hoses.

2. Turn off gas at LP tanks.

3. Retract stabilizing jacks.

4. Check hitch for proper attachment.

5. Check safety chains and breakaway switch cable.

6. Fully retract hitch jack. Remove and stow jack stand or wood block.

7. Check clearance and stoplights.

8. Check lug nuts.

9. Check tires for correct pressure.

10. Adjust tow vehicle mirrors.

11. Pull forward about 50 ft, test brakes, and check site for forgotten objects and cleanliness.




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