How do I attach the EZ-Latch coupler to the hitch?

by Airstream, Inc.

The EZ-Latch coupler features a simple-to-use latching mechanism. Hooking up is as easy as dropping the coupler on to your hitch ball. Simply make sure that the coupler is properly lined up with the ball, then lower the coupler. The coupler will automatically open and latch into place when lowered onto the hitch ball. To disengage coupler, pull up on latch and raise coupler off of hitch ball. Return the coupler latch to the latched position to ensure that coupler is ready to be latched again. The coupler features a strong composite handle, If the handle does get damaged or becomes missing, the coupler is still completely operational until the handle can be replaced. Replacement parts can be purchased through your Airstream Dealer. See additional information included in your owner’s packet.

Always make sure coupler is properly attached and latched before towing.


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