Where are the auxiliary fuses located in the Atlas?

by Airstream, Inc.

1. LP detector: 1-amp fuse, behind detector.

2. Battery Separator power line to chassis battery: 150-amp in-line fuse, inside Sprinter battery compartment under the driver’s floorboard.

3. Battery Separator: 7.5 amp, under the passenger seat.

4. Rear view camera/monitor: 2 fuses (5 amp and 1 amp), located above the dome light. Remove light to access.

5. Sofa: 20 amp fuse for backrest and 15 amp fuses for each of the legs. Fuses are self-resetting and located behind the sofa. 7.5 amp USB ports.

6. Water Heater: 5 amp fuse located in front of water heater. 


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