How should I clean the shower?

by Airstream, Inc.

To clean your fiberglass shower stall unit, use warm water and a liquid detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners; they may scratch and dull the surface of your fiberglass unit. Stubborn stains can be removed with solvents such as turpentine, paint thinner, or acetone. Restore dulled areas by rubbing with an automotivetype liquid cleaner, and then put the soft glow back into the sides of your unit with a light application of liquid wax. DO NOT wax the shower bottom as it may become slippery leading to a fall

The telephone shower head is designed to give maximum flexibility in usage, and provides for water-saving techniques when using your touring coach on self-containment. It can be held in the hand and moved about the body. Normally, the best water conservation procedure is to wet the entire body and then turn the water off. Apply soap, lather thoroughly, and then rinse the soap off.



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