Generator Safety Information

by Airstream, Inc.

The Airstream Atlas comes standard with an on-board generator. 


1. Never sleep in the vehicle with the generator running without ensuring the Carbon Monoxide detector is working. Primary protection against inhaling Carbon Monoxide is daily (every eight hour) inspection for visible and audible generator exhaust system leaks.

2. DO NOT operate the generator in an enclosed building or in a partly enclosed area such as a garage.

3. Review the safety precautions for fuel and exhaust fumes in the generator manual.

4. DO NOT operate the generator when the recreation vehicle is parked in high grass or brush. Heat from the exhaust could cause a fire in dry conditions.

5. DO NOT simultaneously operate generator and a ventilator which could result in the entry of exhaust gas. When exhaust ventilators are used, we recommend that a window on the opposite side of the unit “upwind” of exhaust gases be opened to provide cross ventilation.

6. When parked, orient the vehicle so that the wind will carry the exhaust away from the vehicle. DO NOT open nearby windows, ventilators, or doors into the passenger compartment, particularly those which can be “down wind”, even part of the time.

7. DO NOT operate the generator when parked in close proximity to vegetation, snow, buildings, vehicles, or any other object that could deflect the exhaust under or into the vehicle.

8. DO NOT touch the generator when running, or immediately after shutting off. Heat from the generator can cause burns. Allow the generator to cool before attempting maintenance or service.


NOTE: The generator is located in the exterior curbside rear compartment of the touring coach.


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