Cleaning and protecting your vinyl flooring.

by Airstream, Inc.

General Cleaning

Use a soft broom to sweep the floor. A vacuum cleaner may damage the flooring, especially the type that use beater bars. In most cases, a clean damp cloth or mop will suffice to clean dirty flooring. When necessary, a solution of mild detergent or domestic floor cleaning emulsion can be used to clean the flooring. Do not use a wire brush or nylon scouring pads, furniture polish, spirit-based polish, powder or liquid abrasive cleaners, bleach or other strong detergents. Scuffs, dirt, and spillages should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Rubber backing on doormats may result in yellow discoloration of the floor immediately beneath. Choose a natural fiber mat. Rubber feet on furniture may cause staining. Remove them altogether or place coasters or felt pads between them and the floor.



For spirit-based products such as shoe polish, solvents, hair dye, and permanent marker pens, wipe up spots and marks as quickly as possible. This also applies to mustard and strongly colored foodstuffs. Corrosive substances such as acid and alkaline solutions can damage the surface of the floor. Clean up any spills quickly and carefully avoiding direct contact with the substance. Wear protective clothing such as gloves when doing so. Bitumen/tar from freshly resurfaced or melted roads and pathways, and some inexpensive rubber shoe and slipper soles can cause stains. The above materials are likely to cause damage but are not considered restrictive.


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