How to prevent and control mold in an Airstream.

by Airstream, Inc.


Molds are microscopic organisms that naturally occur in virtually every environment, indoors and out. Outdoors, mold growth is important in the decomposition of plants. Indoors, mold growth is unfavorable. Left unchecked, molds break down natural materials, such as wood products and fabrics. Protect your investment by understanding the potential risks that mold imposes.

Contributing Factors To Mold Growth

For mold growth to occur, temperatures, indoor or outdoors, must be between 40° and 100°F, and must also have a source of moisture, such as humidity, standing water, damp materials, etc. Indoors, the most rapid growth occurs with warm and humid conditions.

Inhibiting Mold Growth

By controlling relative humidity, the growth of mold and mildew can be inhibited. In warm climates, use of the air conditioner will reduce the relative humidity. Vents are located in the bathing and cooking areas. Constant use of these vents is advised during food preparation and bathing, even during colder weather. Additionally, opening a window during these activities will assist in ventilation. In extremely humid conditions, the use of a dehumidifier can be helpful. Frequent use of your trailer, or cleaning regularly, are important preventive measures. Additionally, any spills should be wiped up quickly and dried as soon as possible. Avoid leaving damp items lying about. On safe surfaces, use mold or mildew-killing cleaning products. Check sealants regularly, and reseal when necessary to avoid water leaks. Proper preventive maintenance to the trailer and its accessories, as described both in this manual and in accompanying literature, will provide the best protection to the trailer. For more information concerning controlling moisture in the trailer, read Tips to Controlling Condensation in this section.


Note - If using a dehumidifier, please read and follow all manufacturer instructions and recommendations for the use and cleaning of the dehumidifier.


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