What are some tire care tips?

by Airstream, Inc.

To reduce the risk of tire failure, we strongly recommend the following:

1. Check the pressure in your tires, including your spare, at least monthly when the tires are cool (after the vehicle has stopped three hours and then driven less than one mile). Do not reduce pressure when tires are hot. Use a tire gauge to check pressure and maintain it at the recommended level.

2. Never overload your tires. Heed the maximum load-carrying capability of your tires.

3. Check your tires frequently for scrapes, bulges, separations, cuts, or snags resulting from use. See your tire dealer immediately if any such condition is discovered.

4. Never operate your vehicle in excess of lawful speeds or the maximum speeds justified by driving conditions, or in excess of speeds recommended for the tires you are using.

5. Make every effort to avoid running over objects that may damage the tire through impact or cutting, such as chuck holes, glass, metal, etc.

6. Never drive on smooth tires. Tires should be removed when 2/32 in. of tread depth remains. In most states it is illegal to drive with less than 2/32 in. remaining tread depth.

7. Park out of the sun whenever possible when in warm climates. In desert regions, use tire covers to prevent ultra violet light deterioration to tires.


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