Will Airstream repair damages to my travel trailer?

by Airstream, Inc.

Airstream’s sole and exclusive obligation is to repair any covered defects discovered within the warranty coverage period if:

(1) within 10 days of your discovery of a defect you notify Airstream OR an authorized dealership of the defect; AND

(2) you deliver your travel trailer to Airstream OR an authorized dealership at your cost and expense. If the primary repair remedy fails to successfully cure any defect after a reasonable number of repair attempts, your sole and exclusive remedy shall be to have Airstream pay an independent service shop of your choice to perform repairs to the defect OR if the defect is incurable, have Airstream pay diminution in value damages. The repair remedy and the back-up remedy must both be exhausted and these remedies must fail to fulfill their essential purpose before you can seek any legal or equitable relief.

This limited warranty is not a warranty that promises or extends to future performance because the warranty does not make a representation on how your travel trailer will perform in the future but instead represents only what the remedy will be if a defect exists. Unless prohibited by state law, repairs will not extend the time when you must commence a breach of warranty claim and shall not extend the warranty coverage period. Any performance of repairs after the warranty coverage ends OR any performance of repairs to those portions of your travel trailer excluded from coverage shall be considered “good will” repairs. Warranty repairs should be expected. Airstream may use new and/or remanufactured parts and/or components of substantially equal quality to complete a repair. Damage to interior or exterior surfaces, trim, upholstery and other appearance items may occur at the factory during assembly, during delivery of the travel trailer to your selling dealer or on the selling dealer’s lot.

Normally, any damage is detected and corrected at the factory or by the selling dealer during the inspection process. If you discover any damage when you take delivery of your travel trailer, you MUST notify your dealer OR Airstream within 10 days of the date of purchase to have damage repaired at no cost to you. Minor adjustments, such as adjustments to the interior or exterior doors, drawers, latches will be performed at no cost to you by your selling dealer during the first 90 days of warranty coverage; thereafter, such adjustments are your exclusive responsibility as normal maintenance.


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