What do I need to know about the city water hookup on my touring coach?

by Airstream, Inc.

The city water hookup is located in the roadside rear utility compartment of the touring coach. Your plumbing system has a built-in pressure regulator, limited to 50 psi, to protect your lines and faucets from extremely high pressures on some city water systems. Use a tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, high-pressure hose of at least 1/2-in. diameter designed for motorhome use. The city water inlet is a standard garden hose thread. We suggest you carry two lengths of hose in order to reach hookups farther away than normal, as well as to have a spare. After hooking up the hose, through the bottom access hatch inside the compartment, turn on the city water valve provided in the park and slowly open a faucet. There will be a lot of spurts and sputtering until all the air is expelled from the touring coach’s system. It may take some time before all the air is expelled and a steady flow of water occurs. Once a steady flow is achieved at one faucet, the others should be opened long enough to expel the air in the lines going to them. The water hookup is also used to fill the fresh water tank. To fill, turn ON the fresh water valve switch located below the shoreline power hookup. A red indicator light will turn on indicating the valve is open. When the switch is ON water is diverted to fill the fresh water tank. The valve will automatically close and the switch will turn OFF when the tank is full. If you wish to carry less than a full tank of water the fill percentage can be viewed on the main Multiplex control panels “Home” screen. Once the fill level reaches your desired percentage switch OFF the fresh water valve switch to close the valve. 


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