What does the Automatic Generator Start (AGS) system do?

by Airstream, Inc.

Your Touring Coach is equipped with an Automatic Generator Start System (AGS) which provides an optional automatic control of your onboard generator The purpose of an AGS system is to automatically start (and run) the generator when the 12 volt electrical system (house batteries) drops to a pre-determined level.The AGS can be enabled to monitor the house battery bank and when it reaches a certain level, the generator will automatically start, sending a charge to your batteries. This protects the system so that your batteries will not go down farther. Once the batteries receive a sufficient amount of charge, the generator will automatically turn off. If you are in a location for an extended period of time, this can help protect battery bank when shore power is not available. You may also have the ability to set predetermined times so that it will not start during the night or during posted quite times in a campground. The automatic start function of your generator requires you to manually enable it. This can be accomplished by selecting “Auto Gen Start Enable” on the Multiplex display and then pressing “on”. You will also need to make sure that the “HVAC Load” button is activated will then see a warning screen listing the safety issues associated with AGS usage. You are required to acknowledge these warnings by pressing and holding a button for 3 seconds or longer to enable AGS. AGS will remain enabled until the Sprinter Ignition is cycled or the generator is manually operated. After the vehicle is started, the AGS will be disabled. You can then return to the cabin to manually re-enable the system. It will then remain active until the vehicle is turned off. Any cycling, on or off, of the vehicle ignition will disable the AGS functionality. If the generator is manually stopped while running and in an Auto Gen mode, it will disable future auto gen starts until re-enabled at the multiplex screen. If you manually start the generator when Auto Gen is enabled, it will disable the future auto gen starts until re-enabled at the multiplex screen.


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