Can you live full-time in a touring coach?

by Airstream, Inc.

Your touring coach was designed primarily for recreational use and short-term occupancy. If you expect to occupy the touring coach for an extended period, be prepared to deal with condensation and the humid conditions that may be encountered. The relatively small volume and tight compact construction of modern recreation vehicles mean that the normal living activities of even a few occupants will lead to rapid moisture saturation of the air contained in the touring coach and the appearance of visible moisture, especially in cold weather.

Your touring coach is not designed, nor intended, for permanent housing. Use of this product for long term or permanent occupancy may lead to premature deterioration of structure, interior finishes, fabrics, carpeting, and drapes. Damage or deterioration due to long-term occupancy may not be considered normal, and may under the terms of the warranty constitute misuse, abuse, or neglect, and may therefore reduce the warranty protection. 


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  • An alarm suddenly came on while I was booking up at the campsite and it will not go off

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