How do I test my LPG detector?

by Airstream, Inc.

The Test/Reset button is used to verify proper alarm function. Executing the test function sounds the alarm and illuminates the red LED. The test will sound the alarm twice, with 4 beeps in 1 second, followed by 5 seconds of silence. By pressing the button, you can verify that the alarm sounds and the LED functions properly. Have a qualified technician check your LPG system annually or if you detect any signs of leaks or malfunctions. Activation of this detector indicates the possible presence of LPG, which can cause an explosion and/or fire, causing serious injury or death. This normally indicates a leak in the LPG installation or an LPG appliance. Extinguish all open flames, open your windows and door, and evacuate the unit immediately. Do not activate any electrical switch. Turn off the LPG using the remote shut off switch. Do not re-enter your unit until a qualified repair technician has corrected the problem and certified the system as safe.


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