How do I back up with my trailer?

by Airstream, Inc.

In BACKING UP the important thing to remember is to DO EVERYTHING SLOWLY and to correct immediately if you see the trailer turning the wrong way. Concentrate on the rear of the trailer. With your tow vehicle and trailer in a straight line, back up slowly and turn the bottom of the steering wheel in the direction you want the trailer to go Watch from the window or in the mirror until the rear of the trailer is pointing in the desired direction. Your tow vehicle will be following the trailer in an arc. Straighten the tow vehicle and trailer by turning the steering wheel more sharply, and then when they are in line, straighten the steering wheel. Always try to back to your left because the visibility is much better. When you do not make it on the first try it is usually much easier to pull forward to your original straight position and start over. If your spouse or traveling companion normally directs you when backing they should position themselves forward of the tow vehicle so the driver can easily see them. Their directions should always indicate to the driver the direction the rear of the trailer should go. A little practice in a parking lot with the person giving directions can save a lot of frustration when backing into a campsite.


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