How do I install and fill my LPG tank?

by Airstream, Inc.

1. Place the tanks in position on the A-frame and tank cross-member so that it rests on the upper collar of both tanks with the collar rims engaged in the grooves on the underside of the bracket. If your trailer is equipped with a tank cover, it should be positioned over the tanks next. Make sure the hold-down rod projects up through the hole in the shroud center bracket.

2. Replace the T-handle and tighten down until the tanks are held firmly in place.

3. Test fittings with liquid soap free of ammonia or chlorine, or products deigned for testing, such as Snoop® liquid leak detector.

If you have allowed both tanks to run out, air may have gotten into the lines. In this event, the air must be forced out through the lines by gas pressure before you will be able to light the pilots. Hold a match to the pilot of the appliance closest to the tanks until it lights and stays lit. Then move to the next-closest appliance, etc. Use only the LPG tanks furnished with your trailer. If replacement is required, it must be a bottle of the same size and design. Your LPG tanks must be filled as directed by the tank manufacturer. Instructions are located on a decal near the fill valve. The decal must not be defaced.The LPG tanks are securely mounted on the front A-frame of your trailer. If these tanks must be removed for service or replacement, it is important that they be reinstalled correctly in order to prevent any possibility of their falling off or becoming dislodged during travel.


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