What do I need to know about the use of and maintaining my smoke/carbon menoxide alarms?

by Airstream, Inc.

Smoke Alarm

A smoke alarm is provided with your trailer. A manual pertaining to the alarm is included in the paper work given to you at the dealership. Please read and follow all care, maintenance, and safety information contained in the smoke alarm manual. The smoke alarm will beep once a minute for at least 30 days when the battery is weak. The battery must immediately be replaced with a fresh one. Alarm battery is shipped deactivated. Check your alarm for proper battery installation. To activate battery, new Airstream owner’s must install included battery to proper orientation. Smoke alarms have a limited life. The unit should be replaced immediately if it is not operating properly. You should always replace a smoke alarm after 10 years from the date of purchase. Write the purchase date on the space provided on the back of unit. If service is required or you have not received a smoke alarm user’s manual, please contact the manufacturer, your dealer, or Airstream Customer Service.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Failure to replace this product by the “REPLACE BY DATE” printed on the alarm cover may result in death by Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Replace By Date is six (6) years from the date of manufacture. Activation of your Carbon Monoxide alarm’s audible horn indicates the presence of Carbon Monoxide that can kill you. Leave the area immediately! This product is intended for use in ordinary, indoor locations of family living units. It is not designed to measure compliance with occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) commercial or industrial standards. Individuals who are at special risk from Carbon Monoxide exposure by reason of age, pregnancy, or medical condition may consider using warning devices which provide audible and visual signals for Carbon Monoxide concentration under 30 ppm. If in doubt, consult your medical practitioner. This Carbon Monoxide detector is designed for indoor use only. Do not expose to rain or moisture. Do not knock or drop the alarm. Do not open or tamper with the alarm as this could cause a malfunction. The detector will not protect against the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning when the batteries are dead or missing. The alarm will only indicate the presence of CO gas at the sensor. If service is required or you have not received a Carbon Monoxide Detector user’s manual, please contact the manufacturer, your dealer, or Airstream Customer Service.



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