Defining the towing acronyms (UBW, GVRW, NCC, etc.).

by Airstream, Inc.

The UBW and NCC weights listed in the Specification Chart are for the base unit with LP and batteries included.

Gross Vehicular Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum permissible weight of this trailer when fully loaded. It includes all weight at the trailer axle(s) and coupler.

Unit Base Weight (UBW) is the dry weight of the base unit without options.

Net Carrying Capacity (NCC) is equal to GVWR minus UBW.

Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR), the value specified as the load-carrying capacity of a single axle system, as measured at the tire-ground interfaces.


Specification Tags

For precise cargo capacity, refer to the Cargo-Carrying Capacity tag on the inside of the entry door. The WEIGHT OF CARGO SHOULD NEVER EXCEED numbers shown on the tag, which is the maximum weight of cargo you can load and carry in your specific trailer as built with its options. Located towards the front roadside of your trailer are the Tire and Loading, and Vehicle Manufacturing tags. The Tire and Loading information tag lists the Size and Cold Inflation Pressure of the tires on your vehicle, the weight of your trailer as manufactured, and the GVWR. The Vehicle Manufacturing tag lists the size of tires and wheel rims, Maximum Cold Inflation pressures, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and Gross Axle ratings (GAWR).


Measuring Hitch Ball Height

The proper height will vary according to the weight you carry and the tires you use. However, checking the height on your trailer is relatively easy:

1. With the trailer parked on fairly level ground, measure from the ground to the bottom of the frame, front and rear.

2. Adjust the front jack until measurements are equal.

3. Now, measure from the ground to the inside top of the ball coupler. This figure is the hitch height. The hitch ball is then usually set 1/2 to 1 in. higher, according to the spring rate of your tow vehicle, to allow for it to settle when the trailer is hitched up.


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