How to perform wheel bearing maintenance.

by Airstream, Inc.

1. Jack trailer at marked jack location pad behind axle on mainframe,

2. Remove hubcap or spindle cover, wheel and tire.

3. Remove cotter pin.

4. Remove dust cap.

5. Remove spindle nut and washer.

6. Remove bearings and hub.

7. Lay down hub with inside grease seal down. Knock out inner bearing and grease seal using wood or plastic dowel and hammer.

8. Clean all parts thoroughly with kerosene.

9. Check all bearings and races for chips or roughness of any kind. Any damaged component must be replaced.

10. Pack bearing with a good grease (No 2 grade-265 ASTM penetration or equivalent).

11. Install inner bearing.

12. Install new grease seal in hub or rotor using wooden or rawhide mallet.

13. Install hub and drum on spindle.

14. Install outer bearing.

15. Install washer and spindle nut.

16. While rotating the wheel, tighten the spindle nut with a 12” wrench until there is a slight tension. Then back off one notch and install cotter pin. There should now be from .001” to .010” end play in hub. If not, back off one notch.

17. Check the lug nuts at 10, 25 miles and recheck at 50 miles of travel. See Specification Section in this manual for wheel torque ratings.

When packing bearings by hand, place a glob of grease in the palm of one hand and push the large end of the bearing down into the grease. Keep turning the bearing around and forcing it down through the grease until the grease is extruded up through the opposite end. Wipe the extra grease in your hand around the outside of the bearing. It is not necessary to fill the hub and dust cap with grease.


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