My entry door is hard to open or close, is this normal?

by Airstream, Inc.

Your main entry door is designed differently than a flat surface door. The door is over bent in order to apply more pressure at the top and bottom of door for better sealing. Also, on uneven surfaces the trailer can be in a slight twist that could affect closing. Make sure trailer is as level as possible to ensure the best user operation and sealing performance.


Main Door Care

Apply a little paraffin or grease to the striker pockets and a slight amount of household oil to the lock mechanisms to keep the locks operating smoothly. Also, lubricate the hinge pins periodically with household oil. Use the lubricant sparingly and remove any excess from exterior skin immediately.


Main door adjustment can be affected by:

• The trailer being improperly leveled (causing twisting of trailer body/shell).*

• Striker bolt alignment being out of adjustment, (striker bolt is adjustable).

• Screen door being out of adjustment, resulting in a situation of the door rubbing the frame, or not closing flush (which will create pressure on the door).

• Main door has come open at some point introducing a change to the contour of the door frame (check for sheared rivets on interior skin of door).

* When using the stabilizers (for eliminating movement not leveling) on your Airstream be sure to check the fit of your main door before and after extending stabilizers. The fit of the main door can be affected if trailer is not level side to side and front to back.


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